Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Life is what you want it to be

These days I am experiencing frustration, disappointment and at times anger because several problems have decided to confront me altogether. Our car broke down and for last two weeks we are without a car in place where public transport system is very limited. I was offered a good job and then as I barely began to celebrate it, the organization is no more sure if they can hire me as I am not a US citizen and thirdly these days I find myself between two of my very dear family members who are struggling to find peace with each other.

In this state of mind it is very difficult to write on peace and yet this is the ideal time when I must think of being peaceful and share with my readers. :-)

So, the first step for me is NOT to blame anybody for the crisis but wait for the good that will emerge out it eventually. To be able to take this step successfully, I need to have trust in a power that is greater than I  and the crisis itself i.e. God. Complete trust will also lead to patience and reduced anger.

I talk to my best friends about what I am going through and how I feel about it. Talking about my feelings helps me to calm down and think rationally. Can't thank God enough for blessing me with those who support me and understand me.

Another thing that helps me to stay peaceful is to appreciate others, be thankful to them for every effort that they make on my behalf.

When we are frustrated, we may overlook the goodness around us, we may forget to acknowledge the blessings around us. No matter what the situation is, there are always goodness in and around us, we must locate it and build on it.

For example, I try to the look at the other side of the current situation, break down of the car is giving us the opportunity to walk to do chores, which is good for health and for bonding. We walk together talking about things that are important to us feeling the fresh air. Yes, sometimes the sun is too hot but cool water refreshes and replenishes us. Secondly, not getting this job opens the door for other opportunities and for now I can continue to enjoy my flexible schedule. Finally, being a peace maker between two loved ones is what my calling is anyway. There is nothing better than assisting people to get over their anger and making them smile.

When peace calls, I go!


  1. wonderful way of looking at things...

  2. During difficult times, counting blessings is supposed to help. For me, reading spiritual books helps in touching the peaceful core of my being. And reminding myself that nothing stays on forever, not even bad times. So best of luck.


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