Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Life is Learning

While ignorance remains bliss for some, it is also a cause for rifts for many. Education is the tool that crushes the big rocks of fear and prejudice that hinder the way to peace and makes the walk worthwhile.

True education is not about accumulating knowledge, it is to internalize that knowledge and utilize it for the improvement and well-being of self and others. Improvement and well-being for all sides need peace and not wars.

I have met people who have fought wars, survived wars as civilians and assisted the survivors as humanitarians in different parts of the world and none of them seems to think that the war they lived was a good idea. All wars lead to structural violence including poverty and crushed human dignity for many. Oh, yes, wars do enhance the well-being of those who produce weaponry or who gain power in the midst of death and destruction.

It is time that you and I equip ourselves with better understanding of 'others' rather than dwelling on the prejudices that our societies bestowed on us as part of our growing up. An understanding that will truly take us to another level not only in a worldly sense but internally too.

Let us begin the process of widening the windows of our souls by taking with few steps. Try to (a) read about other religions and beliefs, NOT from the critics who write to put another religion/belief system down, but from authentic religious scriptures, (b) get engaged in conversations with those who represent other faiths and beliefs with an open and respectful heart, and (c) understand and share our own beliefs for spiritual/intellectual enhancement rather using them as weapons to attack or humiliate others.

The goal is not to convert or change minds but to expand, broaden, and increase knowledge and understanding to facilitate our way to peace and well-being. When our hearts and conversations become the classrooms with God and his whole creation as the teachers, education restores,  rejuvenates and revive the environment including our souls. 


  1. It looks like you have been reading Pablo Freire adn introjecting his views. Way to go--"You write a book as you talk."

  2. Whatever way we may adopt, peace has to be ushered in. Thanks Gudia.


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