Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lead the way out of conflict

How many times we find ourselves as individuals, religious/ethnic group or a country discussing or analyzing the role of the 'other' party in instigating a nasty conflict. Many times we might be right about the 'other' party being the protagonist in the bloody tale. But is that inference, knowledge or debate sufficient for building peace?

No, not at all! Actually the more we waste time in blaming others and rationalizing our position based on other people's fault, the deeper the conflict gets.

Instead of stating and restating the faults of others, we must plan formulation of actions and/or reduction of actions that would deviate the situation from tension to peace. Implement strategies that will at least manage the conflict in a peaceful manner if not resolve it totally.  Rather than passively accusing, we must actively lead ourselves and those who are interested to peace.


  1. Very well written. I think it's about time. We need actions and results.

  2. Nice article pointing to a difficult solution.

  3. Today Obama is in Puerto Rico. He has few plans for the island.

  4. Yes, sir, he was here for three hours... apparently collected around 1 million $ for the election campaign from the island and left... hope he is able to implement his good plans for the island someday...

  5. This is good topic to continue to explore from a spiritual and psychological basis. We create conflict as a tool of opressors to handle the opressed (ie. Israel vs Palestine, USA vs. Yemen, China vs. Tibet ). Continue along this lines for a while, let us benfit from your thoughts aand suggestions as they evovle in your upcoming seminar.

  6. Your call is appealing, we must take some step to resolve the problems instead of blaming each other.



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