Sunday, May 15, 2011

Where are the real leaders?

So many conflicts around the world are continuing for a long time, some have recently begun and many more are brewing under the leadership of our national and international leaders. ometimes, I wonder if it is the lack of willingness to resolve an issue keeps it going. We all know that political and monetary gains for some result in long term suffering for many. How tragic!

I recently finished a paper on 'Role of women and religion in trauma healing and its impact' in Indian context. One of the things that I learned during my study was that it is the women who suffer and endure the most in an ongoing conflict and yet are kept away from taking the lead in the peace process at political and/or religious levels. In today's age too, they are considered mostly as passive victims of whatever is going on... thankfully, there is an increase in number of women leaders but it is not sufficient in any way.

Search for alternatives for violence has to be contextual and local women, elderly and even children must be involved in the process. While those who continue to fuel the conflicts have more than enough to eat and decent places to live, it is the women, elderly and the children who struggle to survive with dignity. Therefore, it is just common sense that they should be the leaders in the peace process not the international political leaders, looking at alternatives and implementing them.


  1. I feel whether women may be the leaders or not,but they all should be positively involved in the peace process.The deserving women with leadership qualities must surely become the leaders.
    Thanks for this nice post.
    Thanks also for visiting my blog and putting your nice comment there.

  2. In Indian context, women, through religious sanctions, have been kept away from education. Let us now hope with the changing times.

  3. You are right. It is women who suffer and make the maximum sacrifices in life particularly in India.


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