Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hanging out with smile!

Sadness and discouragement are two emotions that creep into our beings without invitation. For most of us, they are frequent visitors and we don't realize their presence until our laughs and smiles feel shallow and short-lived. Oh, and when others notice that something's wrong with us and feel sorry for us.

Na, na, it is not a good situation! I wouldn't want to be in that situation for too long. What I would do is to first figure out exactly why am I sad? If there are more than one reason to feel discouraged, break them down. Then find out how many of them are substantial reasons for feeling low and drop the rest with a smile :-)

Then I will look at the big reasons and see if I can change the current situation around them. Take one at a time and prepare an action plan... a plan that would take me towards happiness and hope and if possible tag along others in that journey. 

Now the things that cannot be changed and yet make me sad, I would do three things with them (a) accept them as part of my life, (b) identify my capacities and talents that would turn this sadness into an expression (for example, if I am missing someone, I may write poetry, make painting, do things that this person liked me to do, or any other thing that would've made this person happy) and (c) act on it rather than continue to lament on it indolently. 

So, let's take charge of our lives and entertain emotions by invitations. For example, I have invited smile to spend the day with me :-) and you? 
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  1. I too would invite smile like you.But,you should not disappoint me.I am awaiting you on my blog anxiously.


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