Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Are you ready?

We know peace without justice is not possible.

While we aspire for peace, how many of us really do something concrete to assist an oppressed person so that he/she can enjoy their basic rights? Please don't fool yourselves by thinking there is no oppressed person around you and therefore you have no moral responsibility to do anything. Oh, by the way, think it through, that oppressed person might be you.

Fight for rights and justice is a daily struggle. It is not to be fought in a distant jungle village but it is here and now. Stand up for your rights and for those who are around you. Eventually this struggle will reach that distant jungle village too.

On one hand there are several 'nice' documents that advocate about the rights of all human beings, women, children and then there are hundreds of reports how none of these documents sufficiently work! And rightly so, these documents can't work on their own, they need you and I to operationalize them. Come on people, let's get to work!


  1. We always have a ...'who cares' attitude which is quite a wrong approach. Look at the present situation when people want to remove corruption there still are some people who don't really care and think it's no use. But we need to understand that everything takes time but let's atleast try to start something. Only with time things improve.

  2. Where are you Anjana ji.I too is an oppressed person.I would request again and again to you for your coming on my blog.It's upto you to do justice or deny it.

  3. Oh! Anjana ji you are so nice and have a pious heart that I can't express.You always listen to the voice of oppressed and do justice.I am really lucky.Many many thanks to you for your coming on my blog.

  4. Humm... Jaago re ..
    Practically it is not easy to "do" - despite of all 'Nice' documents. Corruption is a way to avail your right. Sometime i feel that "If you can not convince them, Corrupt them" should be written outside of all the offices :)

    As you put it and the movement is going on at many places, SPEAK UP is important.

    I also tried to write on same line at my blogs.

    Let's pray and act for peace.


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