Friday, March 18, 2011

Psychological Pendulum: From Sorrow to Fear

While the media personnel are trying to get exact information regarding the rising dangers due to the nuclear crisis in Japan, the local government officials are being cautious not to create chaos amongst the survivors.

Between the rumors and raised levels of the crisis, I wonder what is going on in the minds of the thousands of survivors in addition to the thoughts related to the loss and wounds manifested in different forms. They have been attacked by nature and technology at the same time. These survivors have been dealing with the devastating impact of the earthquake and the aftershocks, tsunami, nuclear crisis, and the brutal weather. On top of all that, conjectures regarding their future must be making it very tough for them to endure.

For many, their thought process must be like a psychological pendulum going from grief of what is already lost to the fear of what they might loose due the potential nuclear crisis and then back to grieving the loss.

May God give wisdom to the Japanese officials and to their international aids to resolve the nuclear crisis soon so that at least these survivors get the opportunity to grieve for their loss in an appropriate manner, have closure on the current situation and be able to move forward victorious. 

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  1. Very grim situation indeed. Humanity suffers from its own developmental treasures.


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