March Until You Arrive!

Struggle with the darkness until light emerges 
Explore the rocks until the brilliance emerges
Nurture until & beyond the flower emerges 
Hope until what you're hoping for emerges
Dialogue until an agreement emerges 
Strike the cord until the tune emerges
Question until the answer emerges
Wrestle until victory emerges
Grieve until a smile emerges
Fail until success emerges  

Persist until peace emerges!


  1. Write until best expression emerges.
    Read until full understanding emerges.
    sing until dance emerges.
    comment until happiness emerges.

  2. This sounds emergence of human zeal. Great.

  3. Really enjoyed this post! Lighter side of you isn't it?
    - indli viewer

  4. I have read this amazing, eloquent and full of meaning post. I agree totally and would like to see more of your writings and your work.
    So much going on in the world and so little being done.
    Congratulations!!!! Here is a humble soul with the dreams of still trying to make a difference!!!
    Good luck!!!

  5. Thanks, Ruthmi! I certainly need your support and guidance in this path...


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