Saturday, March 12, 2011

Let's Unite to Assist

Thousands of lives have been lost and many more have been injured due to the earthquake/tsunami in Japan and the revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East. Millions of people have been forced to live like refugees and internally displaced population. They are struggling to meet their basic needs while grieving for their loss.

No matter what type of emergency it is, when people loose their dear ones, looking or waiting for the ones that missing, caring for the injured with minimal assistance, forced out of their homes, live without any privacy, children and elderly pushed out of their comfort zones and normal structures with hardly anything to eat, it is extremely challenging and heartbreaking. 

Many people with chronic sickness find themselves without medication and other life support systems. The tragedy amplifies much more before it begins to heal. Sometimes, the psychological wounds take a lifetime to heal. Appropriate and timely assistance tailored for women, children, elderly, chronically sick persons and other people with special needs is enormously crucial. 

This is a time, when the resources of the world must come together to assist those who are need. We all can help in some way or the other. If you want to donate then do not worry if the amount is too small. Just go to a website of your favorite humanitarian organization and remember no amount is too small at this time. You can choose which crisis you want to help and what organization you want to donate to. 

If you are looking for family or friends in Japan, you can go to:

More info:



  1. Tragedy in Japan is the acid test for whole of humanity.Thanks for this informative post.I respect and honour your kind heart.
    I am still waiting the donation of your fruitful thoughts on my post ऐसी वाणी बोलिए.Please,don't dishearten me.

  2. Great post, sir. I left a comment on your blog too!


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