Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan: Goodness in the midst of Sadness

While the disaster situation in Japan's northeast coast is worsening with the damage to the several nuclear reactors, the Japanese people have managed to demonstrate their discipline, unity and the sense of togetherness in this very difficult time.

Usually after a disaster, antisocial behaviors such as looting, fight for meager resources and in some cases domestic violence and rapes go up. These behaviors add to the loss and grief of the survivors and hamper their recovery process.

But in case of Japan, where there is a threefold disaster, i.e. the earthquake, the tsunami and the nuclear situation, this is not the case. In addition to the devastation and loss of live, it is freezing cold, people are living in temporary shelters without enough food and water and in many cases without electricity. And yet, people are relatively calm, organized, and trying to share as much as possible.

When people are peaceful and together during a crisis, they (a) share their grief and support each other, which facilitates the healing of psychological wounds and (b) do creative problem solving and therefore move towards recovery and reconstruction quicker. Truly, Japanese population is becoming an example for the rest of the world, especially in the times of crisis. 

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