Monday, March 7, 2011

Gender Equality and the International Day of Women

So tomorrow few people in the world will be celebrating 'International Day of Women'. While some resources will be spent, some women and their work will be appreciated, gender equality will be advocated, the very next day all of it will be forgotten by most of these people.

Apologies for starting this post on a negative note. Actually, I am a proud woman and happy to have at least one day of the year dedicated to the women around the world.

The question is how do we translate the gender equality symbolisms into practice? There are millions of women who don't even know that all this 'good talk' exists! These women sacrifice their whole lives with no expectations or appreciation. For many exploitation and abuse is part of their existence.

One would think, this must be true only for far away tribal regions in developing and/or under-developed countries. Unfortunately, it is true for developed countries too including the United States. Even today, women are enslaved, many are victims of domestic violence and even more are treated unequally at workplaces just because they are women.

On the eve of the International Day of Women, I pray, someday all women are treated equally, where they have the space to express themselves,  can lead their families and communities towards well-being and  development, have opportunities to fulfill their aspirations, and above all can live with dignity without any fear. 

This prayer can only be granted if each one of us sincerely works towards gender equality by respecting the women around us (mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, friends, colleagues, service providers and others) and their needs and desires. 


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