Saturday, March 26, 2011

Current Democracies, Time to Reflect

It is extremely saddening to see innocent civilians loose their life and dignity in the Middle East and North Africa just because they are daring to voice their dissatisfaction in their current form of government whether it is dictatorship, theocracy, monarchy or any other. Most of these rulers and/or leaders had a long time to meet the needs of the people, provide them with equal opportunities and take their respective countries on the way of development and progress.

But they failed and therefore they face the rebellion. They may argue whatever to justify their position and accuse the rebels of whatsoever but the crude reality is that the people that they governed for all these years, at least the majority of them, are not satisfied.

When one fails, one pays. Who knows this better than these powerful people, I wonder how many were punished (many times, brutally) because they failed to satisfy these rulers. Time to wake up, big guys! When small people unite, they become bigger than all the 'big guys'. Then democracy is born!

Unfortunately, the birth of democracy is always painful. Moreover, just the birth of democracy does not guarantee the rule of people. Continued efforts are required to make it an actual rule of the people. A rule where everybody gets the opportunity to progress, everybody gets a say in their life, everybody feels free.

While the democratic leaders who are watching the developments in the Arab world and hoping that democracy is born, it is also the time for them to introspect and reflect. Are we where our forefathers wanted us to be? Are 'ALL' my fellow countrymen actually free? Is everybody able to make decisions for her/himself? Does everybody get their equal share of dignity and respect?

Let's come together to ponder where we have reached and whether it is the dream destination? Let's come together to stand up for ourselves, our future children and shared principles. Let us come together for dignity and respect for all. Let us move together to progress, prosperity and peace for all!

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  1. Very thoughtful post! While lot of countries yet to become democracies, i am wondering are existing democracies really exercising the democracy? Unless we see a corrupt-free government, there is no democracy in my opinion. That's just one aspect to it, while there are several to be discussed.


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