Sunday, March 20, 2011

Col. Gaddafi, open your eyes!

Somebody who has ruled his country for over forty years and has lived a life of a king should at least thank his motherland by (a) developing the country, (b) improving the living standards of his countrymen and (c) ensuring security, wellbeing and good future to the children of his country.

But what can be said for Muammar Gaddafi, who has ruled Libya for 42 years, accumulated enormous wealth, had a lavish lifestyle since he came to power but kept his countrymen in virtual isolation from the rest of the world, brutally punished the dissidents, sponsored terrorism worldwide and now letting hundreds of Libyans die just so that he can remain in power. Are 42 years of power not enough?

After repeated appeals from Libyans and later from the international community to oust Gaddafi, he  continues to remain in power at the cost of hundreds of lives of his countrymen (number is still going up), unrest and violence in his country. How pathetically ironic is that Gaddafi is fighting for the power that is slipping from his fist anyway!

After days of negotiations and considerations, United Nation's Security Council has voted for military action and the imposition of 'No Fly Zone' in order to protect the civilians. Although, military action against Gaddafi has begun, lives are being lost on both sides.
Col. Gaddafi, lust of power has blindfolded you and your aids. Open your eyes and save your country from regressing to whatever progress it has made in past decades. Please don't let people sacrifice their lives, many of them are just 15 years old. This is a time to think about how you want to be remembered by your countrymen and the rest of the world. It is never too late. Please, stop thinking about power, think about yourself, your legacy. 

By taking a stand to save the lives of your own countrymen, you will gain respect, you still have time. Be victorious on your fear of loosing power. Embrace the strength of patriotism and uphold the spirit of 'Jamahiriya'. You owe it to your country! 

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