Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Work hard on building trust and respect, peace will follow

There are conflicts in so many different parts of the world today and many of them have been going on for several decades. It is unfortunate that while we, human beings, have been able to conquer the moon, communicated while seeing each other across continents and build monuments like 'The Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal,  'The Leaning Tower of Pisa' and so many more, we can't conquer our own selfishness and anger, we can't communicate effectively across the table and still fail to build strong and harmonized relationships.

I used to think that conflicts arise due to differences in color, nationality, ethnicity or religion. But I was so wrong. Conflict do not arise because of these differences, they arise because some of us are lead by our selfishness or our anger, ego or sometimes just our craziness.

This can be illustrated by recent examples, the revolution and the consequent violence in Iran and Egypt, those who were punishing and those who were being punished both were from the same nation and followed the same religion. Another great example is the shooting in Tucson, the killer and those who were killed were mostly white Americans and probably followed the same religion. I am sure you can think of several other examples where one attack people from the same nationality, religion, ethnicity and color as their own.

On the other hand, we see thousands of humanitarian workers who work with survivors of disasters and conflicts with love and compassion without focusing on the differences that they may have with the survivors. Long term relationships are developed during these times not based on the race or religion or the nationality but based on good deeds, compassion, understanding, respect and trust.

Let us not deceive ourselves and feel divided based on the false categories that have been bestowed on us. We are all one, we may look different, act a bit different but if we make a little effort we can all live peacefully and make our creator proud of creating us!


  1. Peace and harmony come from our inside only.if we think about peace and harmony in our mind,and the same is reflected in our. speech and actions too then only the real peace and harmony may occur.we can't preach peace unless
    we follow it by heart.Whatever you have written is heart touching.
    I have started writing on my blog 'Mansa vacha karmana'.please keep guiding me by your valuable

  2. "Conflict do not arise because of these differences, they arise because some of us are lead by our selfishness or our anger or ego or sometimes just our craziness."
    Your observation is perfect. There is something beyond this. The wheel of power cannot remain at one place. It keeps on moving. There is likelihood that we may see a sort of upsurge in India in coming few years. In this process humans may have to suffer.

  3. @ Bhushan sir, that is true and I guess we are seeing some glimpse of it in the Naxallite movement... I hope our leaders have the vision and willingness to take positive actions to meet the needs of those who are powerless today before the wheel of power moves their way... which it will anyway, like you said...

  4. Many many thanks to you Anjanaji for your encouraging and inspiring comments on my blog
    'Mansa vacha karmna'.I believe that your truthful hope for peace and harmony would be fulfilled one day.Please,continue with such hope only.'Iswar allah tero naam,sabko sanmati de bhagwan'

  5. Thanks so much, sir! Hum honge kaamyaab ek din, man mein he vishvaas, pura hai vishwaas...!


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