Friday, February 11, 2011

Little packets in our minds

Sometimes we have a set opinion or terminology for a certain type of people or relationships and overtime when we are encountered with them, we react almost the same way.

It is almost like little packets (पोटलियाँ) filled with a set of words and thoughts that we have stored in our minds for specific people, situations and relationships. In this fast world, it makes it easier and quicker for us to respond to different situations. On the same token, this arrangement may ruin or rotten relationships and situations.

In order to evolve as souls, we must try to open these little packets in our minds one by one. Every time we face a similar situation that we have faced in the past, recognize the newness of it. Yes, we can learn from our past experience but we need to start afresh or give it a new conclusion.

Let us free our thoughts and perceptions from the little packets of prejudice and generalizations. Forgiveness, hope, desire to move on, and love are some of the tools to open these packets.  As these packets are opened and thrown away from our being, our souls are renewed, peace is established. We get new insights from each interaction and are able to bless those who come in contact with us.

1 comment:

  1. It's very very true that little packets in our mind should be viewed and reviewed continuously
    by us.Negative packets may be closed and even
    erased out and positive should be widened,so that only positivity remains in our mind which is called 'mukti'according to our shastras.
    Please,have a view to my latest post"man hi mukti ka dwar hai" on my blog 'mansa vacha karmna' and may put your valuable comments.


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