Sunday, January 23, 2011

Can you tell me, why?

Religion is a very complex yet very interesting topic and I am probably the least qualified person to talk or write about it. But the more I see and read about people humiliating, fighting and sometimes even killing others over religious issues, I can't help questioning these behaviors.

Many times, I wonder why people get so upset and angry in the name of religion. Is it because (a) somebody doesn't respect their religion? (b) because somebody doesn't follow their religion? (c) somebody hurts their ego by rejecting what they are preaching/teaching? (d) one becomes insecure about the existence of their religion when another starts preaching their religion? And/or (e) these people don't have anything better to do?

My faith in the almighty gives me hope, love and peace. Interactions with the creator of this universe inspire me to serve Him and His creation. Then why do some of us are motivated to insult and hurt others in the His name?

In the context of religion and God, shouldn't we be inspired by God for our reactions. All religions agree that God is merciful, forgiving and ever-loving but then we behave exactly in the opposite manner in the very name of God! Why do we do that?

I know my questions are not new and have been asked by many so then why these questions have not been properly answered and why don't we humans reach to a common understanding?


  1. After lot of reading and experience I have found an answer to this question. Religion starts with a person teaching good deeds to others coming in his contact. Then it falls in the hands of traders (outer circle of that person) and in due course religion becomes business of selling ideas and idols. After gaining ground it endeavors in the field of politics for gaining power. For this purpose religion and politics are mixed. Lastly, all efforts are made to protect the combination of religion and politics which ultimately results in struggle between various religious and political groups. Religious hatred stems from there itself.
    Individuals are benefited by religious teachers, their ideas, books etc. Society is corrupted by people doing business in religion. The latest trend is combination of religious teachers and businessmen as is obvious on religious TV channels.
    This is a simple process, Gudia. No hera-pheri.

  2. Thanks, sir! You have explained an old and complicated process in very simple words. Your explanations leads to more questions and some potential solutions. I will meditate on your response and go where it leads me intellectually. God bless you, sir.

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  4. I feel religion is supposed to be a private matter of an individual. meditation and other rituals are a conversation with a higher entity, God or atma or soul, whatever you choose to calll. The reason for all troubles is shouting from roof tops by some individuals who has taken the job of awakening others.


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