Friday, January 28, 2011

Bright Hope!

The biggest God's gift to us is hope and we must hold it tight no matter what. Yes, there are moments that seem to destroy our life, disappoint us in things and people we once believed in. Remember, God is beyond any damage or sadness that comes our way. Loosing is part of life but moving forward with hope is the way of life.

No matter how feeble the hope becomes, hold it, nurture it until it is bright enough to bring a smile on your face, confidence in your being, desire in your heart and enthusiasm in your life.

After a dark and cold night, the rising sun gives warmth to hope, in the midst of a hot day, a gush of wind refreshes it, the unfolding of a leaf strengthens it and on a gloomy day a smile from a friend brightens it. These are God's ways to tell us I have enough in store to keep you going, no matter how much you have lost.

Stay hopeful because hope is what nourishes peace!


  1. True from beginning to the end. Thanks.

  2. It's very very true that hope is the God's biggest gift to us."Ja ka jahi pe satya snehu,ta
    use milhi na kachu sandehu'.If we are determined nothing is impossible.But important thing is what we should hope for so that it may become the biggest achievment in life.

  3. Our mantras like 'Om namah Shivaya','asato ma sadgamaya, tamso ma jyotirgamaya', Gyatri mantra
    'Om bhoor bhuva sva......' etc. etc.all inspires in us such
    positive hopes if we try to understand the true meaning
    of these mantras and meditate on the meanings.The poems written by you,as I could understand, also reflect such meaning only.


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