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Orissa, we see your beauty but hear your cry!

Orissa, now known as Odisha,for me, is a very important State for many reasons. For e.g. (a) even though, it has abundance of natural resources, it is the poorest States of India, (b) it is also called the 'disaster capital' of the country because of the frequency different disasters including the floods and cyclones, (c) it hosts important religious and touristic sites with international acclaim, (d) it has a rich culture with beautiful music, dances, food, handicrafts and (e) I started my career as a humanitarian from this State.
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The worst disaster in Odisha was in 1999, the super cyclone. It killed 9,893 according to government records, however locals report that many more were killed including the undocumented migrants from Bangladesh.  About 11 million people, nearly a third of the state's population of 35 million, were estimated by the UN agencies to be directly affected, having lost their shelter, crops, cattle and livelihoods. Another seven million people were partly affected due to the large-scale collapse of infrastructure, including communications and surface transport.

Although, substantial assistance came to Odisha, it did not help much to improve the living conditions for the people living in the coastal areas. I remember, fours years after the cyclone, it was still difficult to reach some of the affected villages. People are still struggling to meet their basic necessities. 

 "Orissa among all Indian states tops the incidence of  poverty. Orissa   emerges in the forefront of  all states signifying all indices. Poverty is a condition created by unjust society ,denying people access to and control over the resources that they need to live a fulfilled life.   Orissa   also lives in  villages. Almost 85% percent of people   live in rural area of the state . Around 42 % people in Orissa and 47% people of rural Orissa  live below poverty . Although it is the state of mineral resources and it spreads over 6000 sq km area . Iron ore occupies 33% of India ‘s reserve ,Bauxite is 50% ,Nickel is 95% chromite is 98% and coal is 24 % . Still it is difficult and  stupendous  task to eradicate poverty  in Orissa." (

One wonders, why Odisha should remain one of the poorest States in India, when it is rich in natural resources, it hosts thousands of tourists every year, it has received quite a bit of aid for disaster preparedness and response and has many educated and well placed citizens in and outside India?

On the positive side, the government has made and is planning to make more investments to facilitate the economic growth in the State. 

Peace cannot be achieved without meeting the basic human rights. I pray that the poor people of Odisha and other parts of the world may move on the way of progress and growth necessary for life with dignity. 

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  1. Thanks Gudia, it is sad but very useful information.

  2. Thanks, sir, for suggesting to write about it. Will try to follow up on this subject in future as well.

  3. see, problems are itself solutions until n unless someone tries to solve it wholeheartedly . Bihar didn't go through such natural disasters but it was not better 5 years ago now things different as someone(having power too )put some effort to it . It's now the fastest growing state of India currently 11.055 ahead of gujrat 11.05.

    In case of Odishaa n UP There are no such political solution having gutse to change ( atleast in the next five years ). Then who can do it
    surely , someone like Anna Hazare if not Gandhi .... with the help of some true NGO's .
    when i see Odishaa i feel the people(the poor mass) need to know about values standards eg. cleanness,education,religion,different ways of earnings..

    I think government should make some law on religion change so that only educated people having the knowledge of other could make the change . Someone among us will have to initiate as Hazare did. I've earlier worked with some NGOs in Bihar during flood but was not satisfied with the way . This time can't initiate on that level but in near certainly with the help of Navjyoti like NGO.

  4. Thanks for your recommendations, Anupam ji and thanks for dropping by.

  5. its realy a informative post because most of the people of this country doesn,t know about orissa.
    i think u heartly attached with this state...

    Thanx for this type of post. keep it up and provides us posts like this. Thanks again.

    May God Bless u

    I m new on blogger and just writing little little poems and other type of posts on my blog, so plz appreciate my blog and boost me for continuing writing on blog by ur precious comments.
    my blogs are:- and

    Have a nice day....

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