Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Keep Smiling, Keep Shining!

We all know we look better when we are smiling. That is why, we mostly smile when our photo is being taken. We know that the camera will cease that moment and we want to be remembered at our best. But do we realize it is not only the photos through which we will be remembered but also through our daily interactions with people around us, actually more so with the daily interactions than the photos.

So, my request to you... get ready to smile for the next interaction/s you're gonna have :-) :-) 

Smile adds a beautiful flavor to our conversations, it makes us look good, makes our point more effective, even if the conversation is serious, a soft sentence with a smile does wonders and moreover, it fortifies peace in our environment...


  1. Generally Indians have very sad faces. My photo on my blog took many hours before final click. Thanks to the patience of my niece. I was very happy when I saw it on the screen. I hate laughing Buddha (China toys wala) but I love serene and peaceful face of him. Your point is well taken.

  2. I agree, a serene and peaceful expression is beautiful and brings peace to the heart and also a subtle smile goes a longer way than laughter most of the time, especially if we are not joking around...

  3. Bhushan, I would like to contradict your generalised statement "Generally Indians have very sad faces". I do not know how many people you have met or may be you have met all sad people. I guess most of the time its the way we look at things and people. I have always seen happy faces all around me other than some exceptions who might have many reasons for not smiling. Just wanted to say this .. hope you are not offended.

  4. a smile is a curve that sets many things straight! :)
    at times while coming back from college i see ppl sad and plunged in thots after being exhausted up by their monotonous days, it motivates me to smile at them and maybe it could brighten up the remaining part of their day :D
    btw, lovely pic to compliment with the post!


  5. Smile is a curve which can set right many things.

  6. क्रिसमस की हार्दिक शुभ कामनायें.


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