Monday, December 20, 2010

I know I am right!

Knowledge of being right is one of the most common reasons for our conflicts with other people who think differently. Being right should help make things right for us but sometimes they don't. What a sad reality! 

If we know we are right, we want others to agree to it and if they don't agree to that, we think they are wrong. And, God forbid, if we get into a discussion with somebody who thinks differently, we may end up in a heated argument and bitterness. In other words, we ruin a relationship just because we know we are right. 

To restore internal peace and peace around us, we need to understand that while we may be right on an issue, others who may have a different opinion may also be right in their own way. We must respect them for their opinion and also accept that they too might be right. Like they say, respectfully agree to disagree.

We form our opinions based on our world view, which is based on our background, our values and our experiences. Because we all have our own set of background, values and experiences, it is but natural to have different opinions and feel strongly about it. 

To disagree respectfully while keeping a healthy relationship requires broadmindedness, maturity and sometimes forgiveness. What is the point of thinking 'I know I am right' and loose meaningful relationships? Therefore, the better way to think is 'I know I am right but he/she is right in their own way'.

In any case, the best way to nurture a relationship is to focus on what we share then to waste time on where we differ. 


  1. You are correct. Looking for points of disagreements generates more energy, and a good fight makes us feel good. Example: North and South Korea.

    Intelligent people, on the other hand, spend a good amount of energy identifying points of convergence. Once done they move together to do great things. Example: the U.S. Senate in repealing the "don't ask don't tell" last Saturday.

  2. Completely agree with you.Often conflicts start with ''I am right'' without understanding others perspectives

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  4. yeah, at the end of the day, being right doesn't matter, love does. and they say that in love, one who loses, ultimately wins the game; so if u got to win someone with your love, then better lose.. the argument ;)

    u blog in english too, didn't knew that; in spanish as well ? i learned few words in spanish years back... hola, adios, gracias..? something like those ... anyways ... ;)
    keep writing ...

  5. If there is ample scope for difference of opinion then I should prepare myself for a situation like this- 'We agree to disagree but we agree to meet again'.

  6. i agree to wht u should respect everyone's view point specially wen in a is after all made of greys and not completely black or white :)



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