Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I hate that person!

Some times we get so mad and say, 'I hate or dislike that person'. By saying a sentence like that we bring more negativity into the situation and in the relationship. 

Next time, you feel that you dislike a person, try to think what exactly you don't like about that person. For example, the person lies, is rude, doesn't have a good sense of dressing or is biased. 

Try to narrow down your disliking as much as you can because very rarely would you dislike somebody in totality. Actually, nobody deserves to be condemned. We can condemn specific actions, beliefs or words of those we have a problem with.

Next step is to think (and you may have to make a little extra effort here), what is it that you might like about this person. For example, their hairstyle, their cooking ability or their intelligence. I promise you, everybody has something good in them, all we need to do is to discover that. 

My friends, if you have to, dislike a specific trait, words or actions but not the person. The more good we can discover in human beings around us the closer we get to our inner peace and the one who created all of us. 

I will search for the 'hidden good'...


  1. great view. If u start probing the bad traits you ends up disliking everyone in the world.

  2. Important thing is to know the NATURE of a person and act & talk according the nature. This would save lot of problems like dislike, hatred etc.

  3. There is phrase taught in management- 'I dislike that person because I do not know him'. This is eternal truth. Your post has revealed the corrective methods. Thanks Gudia. नववर्ष की ढेरों हार्दिक शुभभावनाएँ.


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