Tuesday, November 9, 2010

US - India's evolving friendship and it's role in global peace

Watching President Obama address the members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha of India was very thought provoking. The leader of the oldest democracy was talking to the leaders of the biggest democracy in the world. While he met the broad expectations of Indians, he also urged India to be more vocal about human rights issues in the region.  He stressed on the united role of US and India on promoting shared prosperity and preserving peace and security.

It would be interesting to see how soon India can secure its permanent place in the UN Security Council and how India adopts or enhances it's role as human rights advocate in the region. Although, it does not necessarily look like that all the members of the UN Security Council have always respected or advocated for human rights issues within their countries or in the region. With due respect to the current and 'wannabe' members of the UN Security Council, a gentle reminder, 'charity begins at home'. Human rights are still unreachable luxuries  for some in these countries.

Advocating and promoting human rights and peace is critical. US' intentions and efforts in this regard are worth appreciation and it would be great if India does engage more actively in promoting human rights in the country, region and the world. However, only good intentions and engagement are not enough.

In order to ensure that human rights are respected and enjoyed in each context, one needs to explore context specific solutions based on the reality of that place, the culture and local ideas. To begin an intervention, no matter how good the intentions might be, one has to painstakingly understand the context, involve the local population and develop 'peaceful' and sustainable strategies to promote human rights and peace in a respective region. In other words, waging war to promote peace is not an option.

All the very best to the evolving friendship between India and the US and may they together promote justice, equality, basic human rights and peace on this earth and eventually may this friendship may include Pakistan, China, Iran, Russia, Venezuela, Bolivia and Cuba! 

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  1. I think visit of Obama has given good indications of increasing cooperation between India and America. May God give them strength to these societies.


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