Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thank you Ricardo, Dr. Ganthimathi and Vikas bhai!

As a result of January 2010 earthquake, around 230,000 people had died, 300,000 had been injured and 1,000,000 made homeless in Haiti. The cholera outbreak in the last month has killed more than 1,000 people in this beautiful country. And in midst of all this suffering, recent riots in Haiti is a heart breaking news. 

These riots were instigated based on rumors that the United Nations peace-keapers from Nepal spread the epidemic in Haiti. According to UN sources riots may be politically motivated. The riots have worsen the situation for the survivors of the earthquake, many of whom are also the victims of the cholera outbreak. Some of the crucial projects have been suspended, delivery of the relief materials is hampered, flights are cancelled. 

It is beyond my understanding how simple people are so quickly mobilized for such purposes. This is a time when the locals must be motivated to come together to facilitate the work of the humanitarian agencies in order to improve the ground conditions. But unfortunately, even in such challenging situations, there are people that are doing just the opposite.

I salute those who are still working for the betterment of Haitians and are risking their lives for a humanitarian cause. These people from around the world including local humanitarian workers have sacrificed their comforts and risking their lives in order to serve their fellow human beings. These humanitarians present a sharp contrast to those who are instigating the riots in such a distressing situation. 

I would like to recognize some of my personal friends who are currently in Haiti and doing their humanitarian duty. Thank you, Ricardo Caivano, Dr. Ganthimathi and Vikas Goyal for keeping our faith in humanity alive!


  1. thanks Anjana...thanks for sharing

  2. This is a great tribute to the courageous colleagues in Haiti. They are doing an exceptional job under difficult circumstances.

  3. Agreed Anjana. The humanitarian workers are doing an excellent and most pious job in Haiti.

  4. Humanitarian agencies deserve all praise for their work. Thanks for sharing.


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