Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Inspiration!

Today is my husband's birthday, somebody who inspires me everyday. He inspires me to fly on the wings of my dreams, he inspires me to dream of a peaceful world, he is the one who inspired this blog.

He reminds me of Jesus because even when a normal reaction could be of resentment, he manages to forgive people, because when a regular person would raise his/her voice to make a point, he keeps his calm. Humility is his greatest asset, he gives away the credit of his own work so effortlessly.

I have seen him work in villages where elders and children hug him like their own and sit by his side to hear what he has to say. I have seen him motivating thousands of suffering people to stand on their feet. His main message in every community he has worked is of unity and progress.

There are many in this world who can say, like me, that he is their mentor, teacher, guru, guide and a fun loving friend.

Dr. Joe, I am honored to be part of your great journey and looking forward to exploring new destinations together. Thanks for teaching me the way to peace through your humble and quite ways.

More info:

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_O._Prewitt_Diaz


  1. Many happy returns of the day Dr Joe.

  2. डॉ. साहब को जन्मदिन की बधाई! आपका आभार!

  3. डॉ. साहब को जन्मदिन की बधाई!

  4. unki taraf se bahut bahut shukriya :-)

  5. Happy birthday Dr. Joe. May God bless you with wonderful and happy years ahead.

  6. looks loke im a little late at this but neverthless....a very very happy birthday to Dr Joe...


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