Monday, November 15, 2010

Embrace Peace to be Victorious!

Being spontaneous is good, it helps building genuine relationships and it adds more fun and humor in the interactions.

However, in certain situations, it is better to prolong the time between the stimulus and the reaction, especially while dealing with provocation. It is very difficult not to react or delay reaction when one is attacked verbally or figuratively but haste can do more harm to one's image, internal and surrounding peace. 

When provoked, practice delay in the reaction. During this delay, try to think of reactions which will reduce the heat in the situation and retain a peaceful environment because this gives a upper hand in the situation. 

Staying calm and peaceful is not a sign of cowardliness but it actually increases the chances to win the conflict. Anger may enhance the energy in the reaction but a composed mind and demeanor increases the effectiveness of it. 

Aggression may lead to a half victory because in the process one looses his/her internal peace and may also sever relationships, while peaceful ways bring true victory without guilt or regrets. Let us all be truly victorious!


  1. I think God has created this blog for me. I read it very carefully. Thanks Gudia for such useful posts.

  2. i, on the other hand feel, that i'm always late in responding to these situations of anger. when i get really angry, i don't respond in the way i want to as words don't escape my mouth in such situations. your post says it's the way to go, and i'm glad i do it right although that behavior was not at all intentional!


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