Saturday, October 23, 2010

Raising the Humanitarian Assistance Bar a couple of nudges gives us a glimpse of peace (Joseph O. Prewitt Diaz)

We have followed up the progress of Chile and the 33 rescued miners since the “Miracle of the San Jose Mine” took place. Thirty-three miners were captive in the confines of the San Jose mine for 69 days. Person blame games were rapidly changed for a new strategy, togetherness of purpose. This new strategy called for the country to come together in a humanitarian effort to save the lives of the most vulnerable.

A valuable lesson was learned: Human beings have the innate power to change their ways (save life’s or achieve peace) if there are clear objective accompanied with a good dose of faith , courage and unity.  When actions accompany rhetorical statements of faith and hope then the achieved task of bringing 33 men trapped 2, 100 feet plus under the earth generates hope in the many people that witnessed the act through television.

Well, the men are out of the mine, last week all had been discharged from the hospital with a declaration of clean physical health. A new challenge has emerged this week. What about the mental health needs of these individuals? The calls for assistance due to nervousness, hyper vigilance, helplessness and hopelessness, and yes, even substance abuse call out for a new statement of hope for the emotional well being of these individuals. How can the mental health community address their needs? What are the contingency plans? How do we know if those plans, once implemented, have been achieved? We must embrace the believe, that all the ills will be addressed and that well-being will be obtained by the 33 miners, and their country.

There is no greater believe than the one that brings you peace. There is no better talent than the one that you happiness. There is no better commitment than the one that is made for love. There is no better act of kindness than the one that produces love. There is no better blessing that the one that provokes PEACE. We are aware that  firm believes, identification of talents, acts of kindness, and blessings from Chilean mental health personnel, and their counterparts across the world will bring well being and peace to these 33 miners. 

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