Saturday, October 9, 2010

Liu Xiaobo: Peace and Human Rights go hand in hand

54 years old, China dissident, Liu Xiaobo has been awarded the Noble Peace Prize 2010. What a beautiful way to bring the international attention to human rights struggle in China and to this brave man who has sacrificed his freedom for what he stands for.

Charter 08 is a manifesto developed by the intellectuals and human rights activists in China and was published in 2008 on the 60th anniversary of 'Universal Declaration of Human Rights'. Mr. Xiaobo  is a political prisoner in China, serving 11 years' imprisonment on account of his participation with Charter 08. He is an intellectual, writer and a human rights activist.

Off course, Chinese government is not happy with the news because this serves as yet another message from the international community about its restrictions on its own citizens on freedoms of speech, movement, religion and even having more than one child.

I congratulate Mr. Liu Xiaobo for continuing his struggle for human rights in China in a non-violent manner and hope that someday peace will prevail in his life, his country and in this world!

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