Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Claim your peace!

We all deserve peace in and around us. Sometimes people and situations in our life facilitate that peace and sometimes it is the vice-versa. Our environment disturbs the calm within us. In such a situation, we need to take a few deep breaths and claim our peace.

Remember, it is not just the outside factors that may disturb our inner being but also our own reaction/s. The better we are able to handle our own reaction, the stronger our hold is on our inner peace. 

Next time, your inner tranquility is attacked by somebody/something, focus on your own reaction. Try hard to ensure that your response is in accordance to your needs, values and goals. It is not easy but it is very much possible. In the worst of situations, never forget to claim your peace because it is your right!


  1. Our own reactions disturb us most. Thanks for the guiding post.

  2. :-) Thanks for you encouragement, sir!

  3. Well said - short n sweet message. God has answered my prayers through you. Thanks.


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