Sunday, September 26, 2010

Art is a beautiful thread that can bind the whole humanity :-)

When a Cameroonian song, 'Waka Waka' is adapted and sung by a Columbian singer, 'Shakira', is staged in South Africa and is hummed by the whole world, it demonstrates the power of Art forms to bring people together.

In the recent decades, Michael Jackson's music has made people tap their feet around the world and has brilliantly spread the message of healing the world to people of both 'darker' and 'fairer' skin tones. 

Mira Awad and Nora Arab are singers that have dedicated their talent to bring peace in the middle east. What a good way of using their gift from above!

My most recent experience was when we watched 'My Name is Khan' here in Puerto Rico. The dialogues were being delivered in Urdu, which were subtitled in English and were applauded by Spanish speakers. The message of harmony and brotherhood reached and touched the hearts breaking all the boundaries of languages and nationalities.


A Big Thanks to all the artists that have used their blessings to reduce hatred and to bring people together. I appeal to other artists as well to use their talent to mobilize the power of humanity to heal itself.

Another important point for all us, art forms are a very good way of learning and empathizing with foreign cultures. Exchanging and sharing our art can dissolve the boundaries of hatred.


  1. .

    You mentioned a very valid point regarding art and humanity.

    Humanity should be our religion.


  2. I agree with Zeal. Humanity should be our religion.


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