Friday, September 3, 2010

Take control of your journey

Stressed? Chances of taking it out on your spouse, kids or friends?? Arguments, temporary/frequent withdrawal, anger, does it really reduce stress???

Nopes! These behaviors may even increase it!! You don't want that!!!

Try drinking a glass of water. Sit comfortably, deep breath for one minute and reflect on the stressful situation in an objective manner. Look at the situation from a bird's eye view and analyze it from distance.

Think of a friend, could be your spouse, sibling, child or any other friend with  whom you can share your feelings regarding the situation and further analyze it. In a stressful situation seeking support from dear ones is better than distancing yourself from them, both for you and for them.

Once you have spent time in understanding the situation, try to accept that cannot be changed and figure out the best way to move on. DO NOT victimize yourself! From here on in, take control of your journey.

ps: Managing your own stress is the first step towards peace! Adopt a healthy lifestyle, i.e. eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and make a habit of sharing your feelings even if it is with pen and paper :-)


  1. Challenges are what make life INTERESTING, overcoming them is what make life MEANINGFUL.

  2. Very True !! Great steps for self-help :) Thank You Anjana :)


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