Sunday, September 5, 2010

Reach out to Him!

Today we weren't able to go to our church because of a trivial reason. Assigned places of worship of any religion are good because there we get a focused opportunity to interact with the almighty. I am a bit disappointed that today we lost that opportunity.

The good news though is that God, the creator of heaven, earth and of all those that reside in them, is not limited to any building or any group. I can worship Him and interact with Him wherever I humble myself to His presence. It is so simple because He is omnipresent! He is not limited to one religion or within one group. He is present in all places at all times! He is right here!

He sees every heart that is looking up to Him and has the power to touch and intervene in lives in any part of the world. He is omnipotent. He doesn't need visas to travel between India and Pakistan or Palestine and Israel. He has the authority in all places, how cool is that!!! Boundaries have no power on His everlasting love or freely flowing grace.

Please understand,  He is closer to us more than we realize and is able to do more than we can ever imagine! Reach out to Him!!


  1. I liked -'Boundaries have no power on His everlasting love'. Yes! human beings deserve it.

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  3. I am getting closer to Him as i am taking this breathe. i believe in it, nothing especial has to be done to feel His presence, just open your self to Him and He will hug as a Father do to his son/daughter. Feel Him anytime, anywhere, in any situation. Believe and It will be yours.


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