Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Please do not let the soul of these dreams die!

Most of us have dreams and agendas that we struggle to achieve. We develop different strategies to use our time, wisdom, energy, money and other resources to attain our goals. Implementation of all strategies cost something. Sometimes, we are so adamant at fulfilling our dream that we are ready to pay any cost for it, even if it costs the very soul of our dream!

In today's world, if we look at the major struggles in the world, this is exactly what is happening. Whether, it is the so called 'Jihad' or the fight to save 'Hindutva' or the so called 'peace wars' to promote the 'American Values' or the historical facts related to Christian Church or the 'establishment of Israel as a nation'.

There is so much of serenity in these concepts and I am sure that their founders never thought that these concepts may some day lead to hatred, abuse, torture, killings, wars and in many cases even the violation of the International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights. 

I humbly request and appeal to those who are the keepers of these wonderful concepts, please take a break and re-think. Please do not let the soul of these dreams die! Do every thing possible to educate your followers and the on-lookers about (a) what values your concept stands for, (b) what the original dream of the founder was, and (c) what are individual and global dreams related to your wonderful concept.

This education needs to go beyond the universities, web pages, and books and needs to reach the streets, the homes, and day-to-day conversations. Education against violence must be promoted through texting/sms, posters, billboards, TV/ radio advertisements and other popular promotional mediums. In today's age, promotion of peace is more important than the promotion of jokes, movies and other commercial products.



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