Monday, September 27, 2010

One more time, Violation of International Humanitarian Law!!!

Today is not one of the best days for global peace... I just watched a story on CNN about American soldiers killing 'civilians for sport' in Afghanistan. More details on this story and comments from around the world can be read at:

No explanation can justify yet another violation of International Humanitarian Law in today's age where substantial awareness has been raised regarding the rights of the non-combatants during an armed conflict.

How could conversations related to killing civilians go on for months even until the actual implementation of it all?  President Obama, you are the 'Commander in Chief' and ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure that the International Humanitarian Law is respected in all circumstances. You have pledged to do so, sir. With due respect, Mr. President, I request you to do everything possible to prevent this type of horrific actions. With rigorous monitoring and enhanced support for the personnel, this is possible.

Why should nationals of a country that has been suffering for more than thirty years be tortured and killed in the name of so called peace war. The pain and fear that these killings have germinated in the hearts of the friends and families of the victims will stay with them for a long time. Events like these break the trust that others have built with their sacrifice and dedication. It hurts the trust not only of the Afghan people but also of the American people who support their personnel in uniform at all times.

The worst part is that these events become ammunitions for the those who like to spread hatred and division amongst humanity.

May the grieving families on both sides receive peace from above and strength from within to move on in life in a positive manner.

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  1. You have a serious concern. hats off to U for such sense of empathy.


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