Thursday, September 30, 2010

India United for Peace!

Even though currently I am living far away from India, I was feeling the fear that millions of Indians shared pending the High Court verdict on the Babari Masjid and Ram Mandir controversy in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. People were scared of the potential riots if one of the groups was not happy with the verdict, mothers were worried if it would be safe to send their children to school during this time, people from minority communities were taking time off from their jobs and looking for refuge, others said that people from one community are coming together to prepare for violent activities.

When I tuned into NDTV Live with Barkha Dutt today, I was very nervous as to what will I find out. But the moment I saw the sub-caption, ' India united for peace', my soul was filled with gratitude to God and pride for my countrymen.

Thankfully, the three judges gave a fairly good verdict to the longest legal battle in the country while respecting the religious sentiments. Both communities will now have legal place to worship God according their religious practices. Not everybody is happy with the verdict but majority in the nation are satisfied and are ready to move on. Though the debate hasn't stopped, the peace and reconciliation process has begun. 

India has always been the spiritual leader on the world stage and events like these fortify its position even better. India, through the recent developments, provides an operation example for facilitating global peace.

Long live peace and harmony in India and all over the world!


  1. Though it is indeed a very fair judgement, I cannot still for my life imagine why people want to confine God to a particular structure. God is everywhere, even out side the structure. A mandir or a Masjid structure ( A church structure or a guru dwara structure) is a place of congregation and worship but God cab be best worshipped through our kind & compassionate deeds towards humanity. In Haiti, although ALL the places of worship have collapsed, GOd existes in His/ Her purest form there through the deeds iof lakhs who are relentlessly workning to rebuild the lives of people!

    My personal take:

    Is mandir, masjid ke jhagde ne hai kilon ko loota

    Koi ram ko to koi Allaha ko batata hai jootha

    Wo uparwala eeton ke beech nahin bata hai

    Hai insaan kyon itna bhi nagin samjh sakta hai!

  2. Rightly said, Pragya! I wish more people would understand this. Recently, I had somebody in my family was trying to teach us that Church is the only place to worship God and this is how my heart responded:

    खुदा और उसके सच को बांध सको तो बांध लो,
    गिरजों में, मंदिरों में, मज़्जिदों में या और इबादत गाहों में,
    गर कभी उसे पा जाओ, तो जानोगे,
    वो रहता नहीं इमारतों में या उनकी बनाई सरहदों में.

    सुनी सुनाई बातों पे झगड़ा ना करो,
    महसूस करो उसको, फिर जानोगे,
    मोहब्बत बसती है उसकी हाज़री में,
    अमन बसता है उसकी पनाहों में.

  3. जनता ने परिपक्वता का परिचय दिया. यह प्रसन्नता की बात है. उन्हें न भड़काने वालों को धन्यवाद. गुड़िया बिटिया आपने जो ऊपर लिखा है यह संदेश प्रकृति फैला रही है, ऐसा प्रतीत होता है. You are attached to Her. God bless.

  4. सर, आपके प्रोत्साहन के लिए आभारी हूँ.

  5. Koi neech na koi mahaan saara jag ek samaan.U are living for some bigger cause. May god bestow flowers of his blessings on U !

  6. Thank you, sir and the same to you!


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