Monday, September 27, 2010

I receive what I spread...

For me, the easiest way towards internal peace is to make somebody feel special or to touch somebody's heart through a little deed. A 'thank you', words of blessing, a hug or just a smile fills my very being with peace and satisfaction, a satisfaction that cannot be attained by owning luxurious property, having a delicious meal or expensive jewelry.

Assisting others is just another way of assisting our own-selves and most of all a beautiful way of spreading  the aroma of peace around us.

We all know that peace and happiness increase when we share it with others but we often mistake it as a nice theoretical statement. Actually, it is a practical principle for a successful journey on this earth. Try it!

Do not delay, spread love not hatred, acceptance not condemnation, peace not war, generosity not denial, freedom not fear, unity not division, rights not oppression, dignity not humiliation, equality not partiality and you will receive the same in return.

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