Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fight to empower!

Like we all know there are many ways to fight other than using violence. Violence aims to weaken the adversary, which may or may not reach the actual goal of improving our own situation.

Fighting a fight in a peaceful manner is usually more effective. For a peaceful fight two things are important (a) fight the issue and NOT the person/people and (b) fight to empower oneself and/or the cause/person/people one is fighting for. 

When one starts fighting the people, he/she can’t focus on the real issues anymore. Focus is crucial in getting the victory.

Empowerment increases the probability of victory and its sustainability. It is about making one’s fort stronger not just for ‘a’ enemy but also for many and at different times in life.

If we keep empowering ourselves with right knowledge, skills and tools, we can remain victorious for long.  

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  1. i liked the post :) Good Job.
    its true we should fight the cause not the really helps


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