Wednesday, August 11, 2010

They showed respect for their creator by respecting his creation.

Many years ago, when the process of knowing my creator initiated, I felt I could burn all my negative emotions in the quest of knowing Him. I thought if religion is the way to God, it must also lead to peace. I strengthened my ties with religious leaders, tried to follow all the instructions given in our worship place. 

To my disappointment, soon I realized that the people who practiced religion much more than I and for many more years were still struggling with their negative emotions. They looked down at each other, some of them were angry and there were all kinds of divisions in the religious groups. I also discovered that it was the same case for other religions as well. Then, the worst realization regarding religion broke my heart. I was told that religion/s caused most of the human bloodshed on the face of this earth. So, if religion leads to God and it also brings hatred and division, does that mean that God is a God of hatred and division? 

Then I looked for people who were at peace with themselves and others. Fortunately, I did find some, although I must confess it is not easy to find them. It was interesting that some of these people were religious types and some were not. These people came from all religions and all kinds of backgrounds. 

The common factor amongst all of them was that their priority was not just following a set of religious practices but they focused on their relationship with themselves and with God on day-to-day basis. They were conscious about how they conducted themselves. They tried not to hurt people or the nature around them and thereby reduced their chances of getting hurt. Wherever needed, they practiced forgiveness. They showed respect for their creator by respecting His creation. Their smiles were more long-lasting and more contagious than others'. 

I understood that God is not a God of division or hatred. It is the people who go far away from God in the name of religion bring hatred and division. I feel sorry for them because they have exchanged the divine nectar into slow poison. Today, they are the ones that Peace is calling for!

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