Friday, August 20, 2010

Stop dividing the world based on damaging and dangerous ambitions

They say there is a war between two big religions in the world. What a foolish thing to say when we see, read and hear about millions of people from both religions working together, sharing personal happiness all the time. They say it not because 'It Is' but because they want it 'To Be'. The good news is that they are so few compared to all of us who are adamant to continue to enjoy and celebrate each other's lives regardless of religion, ethnicity or nationality. 

They for me were the religious extremists on all sides but recently, a reputed magazine said that there is a phobia for certain religion in the US. What is this magazine trying to do, support and facilitate the dream 'they' are dreaming? Because the fact is there is no phobia for any religion in the US because if that were true then there would be clear indicators of boycott or neglect of people belonging to this beautiful religion. 

I strongly appeal to those who still believe in global peace and humanitarian values to shun any effort that divides the world based on religion. Yes, there are people who do things that are not right but history witnesses that they came from all religions and all walks of life. So please please stop dividing the world or a nation based on ideas that arise from damaging and dangerous ambitions. 

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