Saturday, August 14, 2010

A question to all...

How can we individually contribute to global peace?


  1. I am a kinder, more patient, more understanding, more compassionate, more effective citizen/worker/friend/wife/sister/daughter when I take time to be quiet. Contemplative prayer/meditation is helpful in my quest for living as a peaceful member of our human family.

    Practicing quiet time on a regular basis also allows me to more readily acknowledge the conflict within myself, to be awake to my own inner experience, noticing conflict as it arises, not judging myself harshly, rather holding the awareness, tenderly, patiently. Often taking that time with myself makes a big difference. Negative emotions transform into understanding. From a place of understanding, I move forward differently than I would if I were "reacting" from a purely reflexive emotional place.

    The Power of Now and A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle have been helpful to me the past year.

    Thank you for posting this question. I hope many inspirations will land here in response to your question.

    Blessings to you

  2. Charity begins at home, therefore, one can only contribute to global peace if one is at peace with oneself.After that following a simple rule Of" Treat others as you want then to treat you".... Love, respect & dignity to your fellow human beings. Following this is not rocket science :)

  3. Many times God sends answers to profound questions through simple mediums. Once I lived as a homeless person in a Beach. My constant companion were solitude and the sound of the waves as they hit the shore. One day some kids were making fun of me. I raise my eyes up high and asked “How can I have peace?” ….. Some days later I was looking at a crab, it was fairly big and had built a hole near some fallen palm leaves… The crab was out of her hole and every time she felt some critter came by she decided whether to attack or to go back to her hole. We have control of our inner self- instinctually, psychologically, physically and spiritually. We can choose when to excerpt control of our being. Through this crab God had answered my query. “I learned I controlled my feelings and my inner peace, that day, I learned that “peace” occurred when my actions did no harm to my brethren….”

  4. Peace? What is it? Is it a feeling or a state of mind? Or is it the mere absence of fear? Through the ages, the learned have tried to find a answer to these questions. But as a common man, I believe that peace is an experience, which is independent of your surroundings, environment or financial wellbeing.
    There goes a old story, a king once became very unhappy and restless. All his courtesans and well wishers tried different methods, but to no response. Then a monk walked in to his court and advised him to wear the shirt of a person who is at peace with himself. All the king's men ran out in different directions to find such a person. At long last and after a lot of efforts only one such person could be found, who seemed to be living in peace. But alas, he didn’t have a shirt on his back - he was a pavement dweller.
    Peace cant be experienced until we make ourselves at peace. So when we believe that we are in peace, we can go ahead to spread the same feeling into our near and dear ones, and when we are able to ensure peace exists in our family, we can go ahead to "generate" peace in the neighborhood and so on and so on.
    So be at peace with yourself, and you would involuntarily contribute to global peace.

  5. If we rewind the hand of time and go back to the beginnings, on one side we see the hollow emptiness of Adam, restless curiosity of Eve and raging jealousy of Cain. On the other hand human beings have always wanted more and better for themselves for and sustainability, existence and survival.

    To contribute toward global peace, is to understand peace, which some of the previous writers have beautifully explained. To fully comprehend what Peace is, we have to look at what is contrary to Peace.

    What is contrary to Peace, it is everything that humans have been passed on for generations for millenniums and is encoded in our DNA for survival. We are a barbaric tribe, evolved with constant struggle with our surroundings and the most powerful force nature, with in us and without.

    A million and a half years ago at the time of the Turkana boy era, we were stilling trying to cope with our surroundings and life threatening dangers constantly. Forty five thousand years ago when man started to walk the earth out of Africa from the San Tribe and move towards Australia and settled as Aborigines and then to Southern India and established four Dravidian tribes, we were constantly struggling for survival and that is the reason we constantly moved and in the process populated the entire planet.

    On the spiritual side, the scripture starts with the story of restlessness, hollowness, emptiness and jealousy. And then God himself said to the woman, “I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and conception.”, And then he said to the man, “cursed is the ground for thou sake, in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life.” We are left with no chance of Peace, and this is only the third chapter.

    In our millions of years of evolution and thousands of years of documented history the word Peace first used socially only about 700 years ago in England. Buddhism is one of the most peaceful religions and Mahatma Gandhi’s Satyagraha is the basis of ‘non-violence movement’ is the most powerful social reformative movement in the world, which was also adopted by Dr Martin Luther King in America during the ‘civil rights movement’.

    It is important to mention, the three of the most prominent contributors of the Global Peace, Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi and Dr Martin Luther King died very violent deaths themselves. As they themselves threatened the very existence of the established order.

    Peace can be achieved just like any other condition for a limited period of time on an as per needed basis against the social and economic backdrop. If Peace means shaking up the established order, it has the potential to bring violent and turbulent results.

    Hence we can conclude by saying, one of the ways that we all can contribute towards Global Peace is by putting the needs of others before our own. And follow the rule of ‘do unto others as ye wish others would do unto you!’

    Global Peace can be achieved with tolerance towards all fellow humans and their ideologies. Another important facet of Global Peace is patience, to wait till the socio-economic conditions change, as everything does, when we are not in agreement with something or someone.

    Global Peace contribution can be made by showing an entire generation, how the next generation can be prosperous and they will not have any imminent, immediate threats or danger to their existence. This can be achieved through education and exposure via healthy interaction with others.

    Each and every action in our day to day life of sharing, caring and of tolerance and patience in the time of simple anxiety or extreme agony naturally and automatically contributes towards the Global Peace, and is recorded with the higher powers of the universe and is multiplied in other people’s lives in many different parts of the world on several different occasions, resonating forever in eternity.


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