Monday, August 9, 2010

Let's be aware of the calling of peace.

When I write about peace, I often close my eyes and try to peep inside the world that is peaceful. The scene brings smile to my face and a serene peace in my being. And then, I finish writing and go back to the real world where I find myself vulnerable to all kinds of stimuli that threatens that serene peace.

Time and again, I succumb to those stimuli and betray the promise of peace. I end up shouting at my son or being upset with my husband or saying something unpleasant because of an email I received. The good news is that I do not linger on that emotion for too long. As soon as I realize my mistake, I go back to them and try to lighten up the environment.

Mistake in this context is not the deed but the way it is done. Maybe the reason because of which one is upset is correct but showing it aggressively to others is not appropriate. If one can't maintain tranquility in his/her immediate environment, how can he/she question wars? Wars are nothing but a magnified and intensified version of aggression between individuals, off-course with much more grave consequences.

Let's us take baby steps towards the global peace. Let's be aware of the calling of peace. Let's recognize that we are responsible for spreading peace in our immediate environment. Let's facilitate the repair of the broken links around us. Let's do it gently without criticism and condemnation. Let's promise ourselves that we will not give up on peace.

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  1. awesome write....very powerful to make us all at least think about PEACE once... :)


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